Hammer Toe Deformity

You Don't Have To Live With Hammer Toe Deformity!

Hammer toe deformity can make it difficult to carry on with your daily activities. This deformity affects the joints of the second through the fifth toe of a patient’s foot. The condition presents itself by bending of one or more of these toes, and it only gets worse as time goes on. If not treated early, then non-surgical methods will be less successful. Without some form of intervention, there is no chance of the condition improving. Symptoms of this condition are pain and irritation of the affected toe(s), corns and calluses, inflammation, and open sores.

Dr. Bill Releford will monitor the condition of the deformity and provide treatments such as padding for corns and calluses, footwear changes, orthotic devices, and medications. If all of these do not help, then surgery is a possibility.