Heel Pain

Heel Pain Can Be Treated Effectively

Heel pain can come on without a single direct injury but are usually a result of repetitive stress against it. Some common causes of pain in this area are plantar fasciitis, heel bursitis, heel bumps, stress fractures, and Severs Disease. There are other causes, but the symptoms are similar. Inflammation, pain, compressed nerves, amongst others.

Dr. Bill Releford will monitor the affected areas and attempt to treat the problems in non-surgical means first with rest, ice, compression, and elevation along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Additionally, depending on the nature of the injury, a change in the patient’s footwear may be in order. If the pain doesn’t respond to these treatments, then surgical intervention may be required. Also, P.R.P. aka platelet-rich plasma may prove to be very effective.