Ingrown Toe Nails

Do Not Cut Your Own Toenails if You Have Diabetes!

Ingrown toenails occur when a toenail border or edge begins growing beneath the skin. It can cause redness, pain, and infection. That needs treatment as the infection can quickly progress into a worse issue, especially for someone with diabetes. Keeping nails trimmed and wearing well-sized footwear can help to prevent this problem before it starts. Proper care of one’s nails is important in any case. Patients with diabetes, neuropathy and poor circulation are at particular risk. Patients with underlying medical conditions as mentioned above should never attempt to cut their toenails. Unfortunately, this is a major cause of infection and amputation.

Dr. Bill Releford and the staff of the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute can provide relief for ingrown toenails and the additional infection. They will continue to monitor the case when diabetes or other foot conditions are involved so that the problem does not worsen or turn into something different.