Shin Splints

Shin Splints Can Be Effectively Treated With P.R.P.

Shin splints are swelling and pain in the front part of a person's lower leg caused by the repeated pull of a muscle connected to the tibia. Normally, the pain appears during and after repetitive activities, such as walking and running. The causes for the conditions include flat feet, calf tightness, running or walking on uneven surfaces, improper training and worn out shoes.

Dr. Bill Releford can help to treat the symptoms of shin splints, evaluate the possible need for orthotics, and recommend proper shoe gear. Normal treatment includes rest, icing, and anti-inflammatory medication, a change in training habits, stretching exercises, and wearing well-fitting shoes. If not treated, it may lead to stress fractures of the tibia. Many patients are candidates for platelet-rich plasma therapy which has shown to be very effective.