Wound Care

Quality Wound Care By Dr. Bill Releford

Proper wound care is essential in order to heal chronic wounds. The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute specializes in ulcers/wounds that involve the foot, ankle, and leg. These can appear due to improperly fitting shoes, injury, diabetes, vascular disease, or neuropathy. Symptoms can present themselves as drainage, odor, or thick inflamed skin. Pain may or may not be involved.

Dr. Bill Releford and the staff at the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute can treat the wound by removing the healthy tissue and performing local wound care.You may also be prescribed padding or specialized footwear to ease the pressure on the wound(s).Additional and advanced treatment options will be considered due to infection, slow healing, or no healing, including surgery if needed.

Amputation Prevention

Amputation Prevention / Wound Care


Amputation Prevention / Wound Care